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Unipaws Hamster Cage

  • Spacious Living
  • Ideal for Small Animals
  • Triple Security
  • Clear View with Acrylic Doors
  • Optimal Ventilation
  • Dual-Purpose Elegance

Spacious Living

Measuring 45.7" L x 27.1" W x 32.2" H, this cage provides ample room for your pets to explore and enjoy maximum comfort. The large interactive space allows for customizable setups with bedding, toys, hideouts, and more (inner decoration not included).

Ideal for Small Animals

Perfect for hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, bunnies, chinchillas, rats, and more. It provides a secure environment for pets to fulfill their instinct to climb and explore.


Triple Security

Designed with pet owners in mind, our crate features 'critter-proof' triple-locking door latches for a secure and easy one-handed operation.

Clear View with Acrylic Doors

The transparent acrylic panels offer an unobstructed view of your pet, making it easy to monitor them during play. Full-width double doors ensure maximum accessibility for convenient cleaning and feeding.


What Our Customers Say

This dog crate table is awesome! It really cleaned up this corner of my house. My dog took to it right away and it actually has more space for her than I expected. Definitely recommend and I would absolutely buy another one if I ever get another dog.


New York

When we had our puppy it was a great set up and worked fantastic. It was super sturdy and gave us an additional surface for his supplies too.


New York

My dog hated the metal cage I had for him but this furniture cage he loves .the metal cage I had to put him in it with a fight. This cage he walks right In .

Jr T.

New York