Unipaws Dog Gate with Cat Door


  • EXTRA WIDE: Expands to stairways and openings between 33.3-41.6 inches wide. Stands 27.5 inches tall. Easy to use and no wall attachments. Extend the pet gate and place it anywhere as a pet divider! NOTE: Please measure your openings before purchasing to ensure proper fit.
  • EFFECTIVE SEPARATION OF PETS OF DIFFERENT SIZES: Our baby gate with a 6 x 11 inches cat door. This allows for effective separation of pets of different sizes while ensuring a safe area for your baby. It's the perfect solution for families with babies and pets!
  • METAL MESH DESIGN: Considerate to build with metal mesh. There aren’t any bars for cats or other small animals to slip though or get stuck of the head or paws.
  • WALK THROUGH DOOR: The gate includes a lockable door that allows you to move freely from room to room without having to move the entire unit.
  • MORE SAFETY AND FREEDOM: Some dogs may be anxious or nervous in a crate. A freestanding dog gate gives them more freedom. It not only protects your furniture from curious or destructive pets when you are away, but it also protects your pets from potentially dangerous situations when you can not supervise them.