Unipaws Dog Whelping Box

  • 39” x 39” WHELPING BOX: For small or medium breeds. Pig rail included for protection from potential squeezing hazard from mother. The puppy protector rail is essential during birthing to ensure newborns have the protection they need. Also, you can use it as a dog playpen when the pups grows.
  • ADJUSTABLE DOOR HEIGHT: Every whelping box has two entrance doors with an adjustable height. This allows the mother to come and go safely as she pleases while keeping the pups secure. 3 removable door panels could be removed or added back to create 4 different level door heights.
  • ACCESSORY ARM INCLUDED: Removable metal arm for mounting a digital video camera, scale, or heat lamp.
  • EASY CLEANING & STORAGE: Smooth surface wipes easy and do not hold dirt. The entire whelping box could be disassembled and fold flat for storage.
  • STURDY WHELPING PEN: Heavier and stronger than average plastic whelping pen, made of quality pressed wood provides enough weight to keep pads from moving and stand against push and squeeze. *Please note the whelping pad is NOT included in the package.