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Unipaws Cat Litter Trapping Mat

  • PERFECT TO USE WITH UNIPAWS CAT WASHROOM ROOM: In order to increase our customers’ buying experience, we designed with this litter trapping mat. You are no need to worry about cat’s urine that will destroy the bottom of unipaws cat washroom and hard to clean it.
  • CAPTURES LITTER: This mat features thick coils and deep grooves on the top side, which help the mess keep on the mat and away from the cat washroom’s bottom.
  • NON-SLIP & WATERPROOF: Designed with a non-slip texture on the back that holds your litter box in place. Also, the waterproof function of bottom layer can deal with cat's accident, keep the urine on the mat, not your cat washroom.
  • GENTLE ON PAWS: Phthalate free and super soft material is gentle on sensitive paws. Give your pet the supreme experience. Not like such other rough materials on the market that cats quickly learn to avoid.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Flipping and swing several times to make it clean, or using a vacuum cleaner to extract cat litter easily. By the way, soap water rinses very thoroughly to remove all traces of the dirty if needed.